2018 Mystery Gems has started with a bang. I have some fantastic dyers lined up for this year but my first had to be the amazing Amy Edwards Green from Stranded Dyeworks. I couldn't tell you where I found out about Amy I wish I remebered, not that it really matters, she is a fabulous dyer and bubbly person that you can really enjoy getting to know though her podcast. If you try and tell me arent wanting all of her yarns and envying her finished knits after only a couple of her podcast episodes I wont belive you. I was so excited when Amy said she would dye for the Tea Party edition of the Mystery Gem board I knew it would be just wow.Just remember if you are having a tea party and are planning to invite Amy remember to buy the Diet Coke.



Without any more of my waffle, let me introduce you to Amy Edwards Green of Stranded Dyeworks



Tell us a little about yourself 

I am a one woman yarn dyeing extravaganza based on the South Coast of England where I dye full time from my home studio. When I’m not dyeing, I can be found knitting obsessively and talking to my cat in a silly voice.




When did you start to knit/crochet? 

Nearly 10yrs ago, but I’ve been a Knitter-with-a-capital-K for the last five years or so! 


What’s the fav item you have knitted/crocheted? 

Always the most recent project off my needles! 


What’s in your notion case? 

The essentials - darning needles, stitch markers, scissors, and a tape measure that looks like a tiger’s face! 


What was the last thing off your needles/hook? 

The last thing I finished was Humulus by Isabell Kraemer - a top down colourwork yoke sweater - my current favourite thing to knit! 


What yarns do you have in your stash?

Too many! Haha. I have a LOT of sock yarn in my stash.




How/when did you start dyeing yarn? 

I started dyeing yarn in my tiny shoebox sized kitchen at university, about three years before I started Stranded Dyeworks - I was lucky to have a very understanding flatmate!


Tell us about your new yarn studio 

I converted my garage into a home studio last summer - which allowed me to move out of the kitchen! However, there’s still yarn in almost every room of the house.


What’s your inspiration when creating colourways?

Colour! I’m always inspired by interesting colour combinations.


What’s your fav colourway you dye? 

Dyeing speckled colourways is always fun!



Whats coming up for you in the next 12 months? 

I have a trunk show coming up at Alterknit Universe on May 12th and 13th - and then after that I’ll be exhibiting in Nashville, TN at the Super Summer Knitogether on July 21st. I also have some big plans up my sleeve for my online shop, so keep an eye on the website at the beginning of September!


How can people find you online?

You can find me on instagram and ravelry as @amyflorence, my yarns are available at www.strandeddyeworks.co.uk and I host the Stranded Podcast - a weekly video podcast on youtube.


About this collection



What was your approach to dyeing this yarn?

I knew I wanted to layer lots of colours over each other for a more subtle colourway.



How did you decide what you wanted to dye from the mood board?

I looked at the colours in the fabric for the bag - and went from there! Not all of them are super obvious, but all of the colours in the fabric are featured in the yarn.


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