Woven Gems - Game of Thrones Inspired Bag 011

Woven Gems - Game of Thrones Inspired Bag 011

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Have you ever wanted something that no-one else has?  That real “one of a kind” piece? A project bag that’s virtually a piece of art in itself?

Well this individual hand-dyed, handwoven, handmade project bag is what you need. Each Bags is individual, exclusive and won’t be repeated.

Each bag has been woven and sewn so that no two bags are the same.  There are a variety of colour combinations, textures and patterns, as well as different styles, depending on whether you favour a drawstring or a zip closure.

All bags are in the newly launched luxury style with internal lining pockets, suede handles and made with the usual high quality and precision of all the TLGG bags

Each bag incorporates hand-dyed yarn, which has then been handwoven on a rigid heddle loom and sewn individually - thus comprising the creative skills of three independent makers.

Dyer; Debbie of Down Sheepy Lane, Weaver; Nicky of ClaraPeggoty Weaving, and me of course.

Handwoven Yarns & Weaving inspiration

Bag Details

Woven Gems - Game of Thrones Inspired Bag 004 woven with Down Sheepy Lane Dani & Winterfell & King in the North. Base in Light Grey Duck Canvas

Games of Thrones

Colourways: Winterfell; Hand of the Queen; King in the North; Dani

The four colourways we used comprised rich, deep, purples, blues and blacks, together with speckles and a bright turquoise.  Not being familiar with the TV show, I used images from the Internet to get a feel for the mood of these colours and, seeing the stunning costumes and sets, could not help but to add texture in the way of chunky hand-spun Jacob yarn, faceted beads, and sparkling purple and metallic grey lurex.



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