Blackthorn - 6 Skein Gradient/Fade Set

From £18.00

A 6-skein grey ombre/fade/gradient set of colours.

This set would go beautifully with the Medina (teal) ombre if you were looking for a set for a larger project

Base Details 

Available in 4 bases & 4 skein sizes

10g Micro Skein Set

  • High-Twist Sock - 6 x 10g Skein - 10g, 40m per micro - Total set 70g xm

20g Mini Skein Sets

  • High-Twist Sock - 6 x 20g Skein -  20g, xm per micro - Total set 140g xm
  • Ultra DK - 6 x 20g Skein - 20g, xm per micro - Total set 140g xm
  • Suri Fluff - 6 x 20g skein - 20g, xm per micro - Total set 140g xm

50g Half Skein Sets

  • High-Twist Sock 7 x 50g Skein - 50g, xm per micro - Total set 350g xm

100g Skein Sets 

  • High-Twist Sock 7 x 100g Skein - 100g, xm per micro - Total set 700g xm
  • High Twist DK  - 6 x 100g Skein - 100g, xm per micro - Total set 700g xm

If you order the 20g in DK or suri or 50g skein set or 100g skein set these are dyed to order and will ship in 10-14 days on average. Please get in touch if you need something sooner

Care Details

Yarns are dyed using professional acid dyes and rinsed well. I recommend hand washing separatly gently in cool water with a little wool wash the first time as colours may bleed slightly. Lay flat to dry. 

As with all hand-dyed yarns, there may be variations in colours.I would also recommend alternating skeins if you are concerned about colour pooling or mismatching.

Every attempt has been made to get colours accurate in photos but monitors may vary.